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Al Fresco Dining @ Brothertons Woodstock

Outdoor Dining in our 'Little Italy'

Since we have expanded into the property next door (What was la galleria Restaurant) we also have a fantastic new outdoor seating area.

Happily it looks just like a little Italian side street, you know the ones lines with tables and chairs, full of old men drinking coffee and playing chess. 


Then in the afternoon they become a hub of life as people finish work and beautiful people air-kiss and mingle with their Aperol Spritz.  Well the chess and kissing is up to you, but you can certainly watch the world go by, on one of England's prettiest High Street 

If Brothertons is open then the outdoor space is open.  We can't control the English weather, but we guarantee a warm and inviting atmosphere that will make you feel right at home, come rain or shine. 

If it rains there should be room to squeeze inside, it might get a little cosy!

As evening settles, we kindly request that our guests respect the tranquility of our local neighbourhood. We're all here to enjoy the unique charm that Woodstock has to offer, so let's do so in a manner that respects all.

When making a reservation, please let us know if you'd prefer the open-air dining experience.

We look forward to welcoming you to our little slice of Italy in the heart of Woodstock

Street cafe in Woodstock
Pavement seating for dining in woodstock
Al fresco dining in Woodstock
Outside eating area at Brothertons Brasserie

The Delightful Charm of Outdoor Dining: Experience Italy in Woodstock at Brothertons Brasserie

 Al Fresco Dining at Brothertons Woodstock

Embrace the Essence of Italy in Woodstock

Discover the authentic flavours of Italy and the enchantment of outdoor dining at Brothertons Brasserie, nestled in the heart of Woodstock, Oxfordshire.

With the breathtaking backdrop of this beautiful Cotswold town and a short walk from the gates of Blenheim Palace, our Italian-inspired restaurant offers a perfect blend of delectable cuisine, warm hospitality, and the beauty of Woodstock.

Outdoor Dining: Soaking up the Woodstock Ambiance

  • Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of an Italian trattoria, right in the heart of Woodstock.

  • Savour the vibrant ambiance as you indulge in delightful dishes, paired with the picturesque views of Woodstock High Street, one of Oxfordshires prettiest towns.

  • Bask in the natural beauty of Woodstock and revel in the sense of freedom and relaxation that outdoor dining provides on out streetside pavement dining area.

  • Find a spot in the sun or shade, we cannot guarantee the weather, but if it rains, we will fit you inside, maybe with a little squeeze!

  • Delight in a rich selection of classic Italian dishes, expertly crafted by our passionate chefs.

  • Explore Woodstock's vibrant restaurant scene and experience the authentic flavours of Italy

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