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What’s Cooking? Spotlight on Our Seasonal Menu Changes

What's Cooking at Brothertons Valentines

At Brothertons Brasserie, located in the heart of Woodstock, we believe that the best meals arise from synthesising culinary expertise and the rhythmic changes of the seasons. Our menu is a living, breathing entity that evolves throughout the year, reflecting the natural bounty and the unique flavours each season brings. Here, we explore the thoughtful process behind our seasonal menu changes, why certain dishes shine at specific times of the year, and how local ingredients play a starring role in our kitchen.

Spring: A Fresh Start

Spring at Brothertons Brasserie breathes new life into our menu. As the frost thaws and the first green shoots appear, we introduce dishes reflecting the season's lightness and freshness. A favourite among our patrons is the Spring Pea Risotto—a creamy, vibrant dish that uses fresh peas directly from the local markets of Oxfordshire. The mild sweetness of the peas is balanced beautifully with a hint of mint, making this dish a perfect start to the season.

Spring also brings fresh herbs, which we use to enhance the flavours of our homemade pasta and salads. Our Caprese Salad, with tomatoes and basil freshly picked from local gardens, celebrates simplicity and freshness.

Summer: The Height of Flavour

Summer is when our menu bursts into colour and flavour, featuring the best local produce. Our Pan-fried Filets of Sea Bass, served with a light, aromatic Mediterranean dressing, showcase fish sourced from nearby markets, ensuring freshness and quality.

A summer favourite, the Heirloom Tomato and Burrata Salad features a rainbow of tomatoes from local farms. Paired with creamy burrata and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, it embodies the flavours of an English summer.

Autumn: Richness and Warmth

As the air turns crisp and the leaves fall, our menu shifts to offer more comforting, hearty dishes. Autumn is the season for root vegetables and squashes, which star in our Pumpkin Gnocchi. This dish is made with roasted pumpkins to deepen their sweetness and then pureed to create a velvety, rich sauce that coats each pillowy gnocchi.

Our Local Venison Ragout is another autumnal highlight, featuring venison sourced from nearby estates. Slow-cooked with red wine and juniper berries, it is a rich, deep, and warming dish perfect for chilly evenings.

Winter: Comfort and Joy

Winter at Brothertons Brasserie is a time for comfort food that warms the heart and soul. Our menu features richer dishes, such as the Braised Ox Cheek, a slow-cooked marvel that melts in the mouth, served with a parsnip puree and winter vegetables, all sourced locally to ensure the freshest taste and support for community farmers.

The Winter Squash Soup, garnished with a swirl of local cream and toasted seeds, is a popular starter during the colder months, providing both warmth and nutrition.

Why Seasonal?

Changing our menu with the seasons allows us to not only provide dishes that are at their peak of flavour but also to support local agriculture and reduce our carbon footprint. By sourcing ingredients locally, we ensure freshness and contribute to the local economy, creating a cycle of sustainability that benefits all.

Final Insight

At Brothertons Brasserie, each season is an opportunity to celebrate the natural diversity of our region through our cuisine. Our seasonal menu changes are a testament to our commitment to freshness, quality, and community support. We invite you to join us throughout the year to taste the best of what each season offers, creatively crafted with passion by our talented team.

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